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Borrowed Time


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Borrowed time is not a restaurant that you want to miss out on. Their menu has mole fries, crab cakes, soup of the day, bacon and eggs, buttered noodles, BT tacos, poached shrimp, cauliflower al pastor, baked brie and more. One of the best parts is that a lot of their menu is dairy free, vegetarian or gluten so you won't have to stress about your allergies or food preference. 

Make sure that you pair you meal with something to drink. Borrowed time has so many options to choose from there is no reason to miss out. They have some options for non alcoholic beverages like coffee, tea, and a few types of cola. They also have a variety of wines to choose from, if you want reds, whites, rose, or sparkling wines they have something. Then of course they have some choices for cocktails as well. If none of this is tickling your fancy you can also stick with some spirits. They have lots of options from bourbon, to whisky, to scotch, mead, beer, rum, tequila and many more options.

After your meal make sure that you grab something for dessert. The carrot cake with creme cheese frosting is a favorite Their other options like the caramel apple cheesecake crumble and the bacon chocolate chip cookies are also loved and for good reason. They also have a daily featured dessert so make sure that you ask about it.

Once you have eaten make sure that you check out their merchandise they sell a few fun t-shirts that you won't want to miss. They also have a couple of sweaters. 

Borrowed Time is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 pm to 9 pm and closed on Mondays. Don't miss out on the great food and drinks that they have to offer.


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